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Headquartered in New York City with satellite offices in Seoul, Chicago, and Los Angeles, Command Education Group uses social and emotional learning (SEL) to mentor students all around the world to help them navigate the college application process.

Command Education focuses primarily on helping students gain admission into elite universities around the world. Our company is run and operated by recent Ivy League and top university graduates, who are better able to connect with high school students and determinate the unique individual characteristics that will help them gain admission into their dream school. With our consultants’ firsthand experience of what exactly it takes to be an Ivy League-caliber applicant, we have successfully assisted students gain admission to: Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, MIT, Dartmouth, Brown, Amherst, and University of Pennsylvania. 

At our core, we are driven by the belief that social and emotional learning (SEL) and emotional intelligence are critical and directly correlated to a student’s success. In a recent study published by the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, approximately 75% of high school students responded negatively when asked how they currently feel in schools. Ivy League and top colleges around the world are not only looking for students with high GPA's and standardized test scores, but also students who have a developed passion or genuine interest in a particular field or subject. We noticed that in such negatively perceived school climates, students do not have the opportunity nor the support system to explore their true passions. 

At Command Education, we strive to spark curiosity and genuine enthusiasm towards a constructive passion that will form the critical building block of our students' college applications. 

Student working with a Senior Counselor at our annual College Application and Essay Boot Camp.

Student working with a Senior Counselor at our annual College Application and Essay Boot Camp.



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Areas of Focus


The extracurriculars you submit on your college applications may seem like a simple list, but to admissions officers, they represent much more. This list reflects not only your passions and interests but also your drive as an individual to push yourself to excel. Oftentimes, a stellar assortment of extracurriculars can be the difference that keeps your application out of the rejection pile.

At Command Education, our experienced counselors have developed a keen eye for what makes an exceptional extracurricular list. We’ll help you choose activities that reflect your unique goals and interests, as well as demonstrate to admissions officers what role you’ll play on campus once you’re admitted. 


The admitted students into the nation’s top universities have one trait in common: leadership. Admissions officers keep an eye out for candidates whose applications portray not only excellence, but the drive to be a self-starter and a go-getter. The class of accepted students at elite schools is made up of entrepreneurs, non-profit starters, community organizers, political activists, philanthropists — you name it. 

Our counselors will guide you through the process of becoming a leader by pinpointing your passions and providing you with the resources necessary to actualize your goals. We’ll help locate leadership opportunities in your school as well as in your community, and teach you how to make the most of these endeavors without spreading yourself too thin. 


It’s never too early to start building a strong foundation for your future career. Successful professionals trace their achievements to well before their college years. By taking steps to gain a foothold in your dream profession, you’ll expedite your chances of making it in the field you choose.

Our counselors will guide you through the often daunting process of internship searching. Command Education’s extensive network of leading professionals are happy to provide you with their valuable insight and potential opportunities relating to your dream career.

A high school senior working with our Lead Counselor at our 2017 College Application and Essay Boot Camp.

A high school senior working with our Lead Counselor at our 2017 College Application and Essay Boot Camp.

Camp improved my writing immensely; I learned how to make my essays personal and succinct without cutting out the rich details. This is a valuable skill that helped me master the college essay and application.
— L.O. Princeton Class of 2020


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